About Kelly Taylor


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A decade ago I began a blog to scratch down thoughts about business that I read in magazines or heard people discussing.  Being a business school grad that went directly into programming, I’ve had always been fiercely interested in business strategy but usually sat on the outside of tactical decisions within an organization.

Over the years I have watched the transformation of tech geek into business mogul.  Some of my role models inspiring this blog include Jason Fried, Brad Feld and Joel Spolsky.  These guys have a unique understanding of business as it relates to technology and frequently write about issues such as software patents, workplace, work – life balance, venture funding, keeping things simple and more.

One thing I have learned from my role models is that blogging 1) facilitates conversation by simply participating and 2) writing helps you think clearly about a topic.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you leave your Comments.

– Kelly