Running everyday in August

I was searching for a new fitness goal and decided to run, at least a mile or so, everyday in August. I completed my goal and encourage others to give it a try. Below is a list of Pros and Cons from my experience:


  • feeling healthy on a daily basis
  • getting more fresh air than normal
  • having something interesting to talk about
  • lost 3 lbs
  • bought new running shoes
  • plowed through some of those podcasts I wished I had more time to listen to


  • legs, especially my knees, were sore a few days and I knew I should’ve rested but instead I ran
  • my normal runs became shorter (averaging 2.5 miles), no long runs in August

This challenge was a great lesson in “glass 1/2 empty, glass 1/2 full” thinking.  You have to approach everyday with the right attitude.  Either it’s “This sucks, I am so busy and there is no way I can go for a run” or this “I’m sorry, I can’t meet you for drinks after work.  I am trying to run everyday in August and have to get my run in, you understand right?”

I recommend this challenge for anyone, runner or non-runner.  It’s a great way to turn just another normal month into something more.

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