My Blog writing style is now my writing style

As I am now required to write papers, summaries and personal assessments for my MBA classes, I’m realizing my writing style has changed since I last had to do projects like this.  My writing style is now my blog writing style.  I write as if I was talking to you, only in a more concise, thought-out kinda way.  The impact of blogging, email and status updates on my formal writing education is apparent.

Going through this experience has made me reflect on how I write (“written communication”) at work.  My job doesn’t require me to abide by any guidelines as an Investor Relations Officer or CFO might.  I write tons of emails, occasional internal blog posts, comment on internal posts, etc.  I am only judged on the effectiveness of my writing, nothing gramatical.  If I swear in an email and the impact is felt ultimately leading to improvement, then it’s been well written.

I am looking forward to seeing how my MBA professors respond to this style.  Will a looser, conversational tone be appreciated for easily communicating the point or will I be penalized for not following some set of outdated writing rules.  Maybe I’ll throw in a #hashtag for effect to test the boundaries.

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