Hiring Senior Rails Developers at PivotDesk

Position:  Senior Rails Developer, Full-Time
Company: PivotDesk
Location:  Boulder, CO

Our ideal candidate is an experienced Ruby on Rails developer that is comfortable making architecture decisions, especially around eCommerce. We offer an environment where highly motivated, self-learners will grow their knowledge and capabilities in all tiers of Rails application development and deployment.  Our offices are located in downtown Boulder in vibrant, open space.  We use PivotalTracker, utilize Lean Startup methods and work with many interesting technology companies in the Boulder/Denver area.

Our Environment: Ruby on Rails, PostGres, Heroku, Redis, Resque, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Required skills:

  • Proven experience developing significant web applications
  • Solid Ruby on Rails development experience
  • Commitment to agile development practices
  • Knowledgeable in relational database technologies, including PostGres
  • Proficiency with Git
  • Proficiency interfacing with and developing APIs

To apply, please email kelly@pivotdesk.com.

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