Unboxing: UI Stencils

I finally ordered the UI Stencils Starter Pack for $75.









I’m a long-time Balsamiq Mockups fan and believe in it’s effectiveness.  I also like the tactile approach using pencils and paper.

In my first quick sketch, I found myself thinking through interactions as well as the UI.  What emails need to be sent?  How does this fit into the overall user onboarding flow?  How should referrals work?  How do we help the user be successful after signing up?








It was easy to let these ideas flow because it took 10 seconds to sketch them.  If I was doing this on the computer I would have thought to document the other intractions, in Evernote perhaps.  I would hesitate about where the information ultimately belonged, switching between apps and losing focus.  This is the beauty of sketching, it lets your ideas flow and separates this creative step with the later steps of refinement and organization.


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