A few of my Startup Ideas

I love my job but am always dreaming up new ideas.  I talk about these ideas with friends who usually have great suggestions.  I keep a diary of these ideas but that doesn’t seem like a good way to keep the ideas flowing.

Keeping these ideas private adds no value, so here’s the list:

Commute store

As eco themes, transportation, bikes, buses and trains command more attention and revenue from state and local governments more people are thinking about how they commute.  I envision a retail store where people could shop for products they use in their daily commute.  The store would need a learning component to it showcases new ideas in commuting and have relationships with other local stores to sell products such as bikes.

Gear Layaway

I love sites like Mint.com and SmartyPig.com that promote new ways to manage your money and save.  Consumers get into credit card debt by purchasing big ticket items then paying a high interest rate.  Retails Shops often feel “it’s the Consumers responsibility to manage their money”.  It’s time everyone comes together to create a better option.

Comment on the conversation here:

and on the Startup Weekend website.

Relationship timeline

My wife and I talk alot about dates of meaningful moments in our past.  Although I remember what we did, I can never remember the actual dates.  Providing a way for couples to enter key dates, upload photos and share these dates on Facebook would be a cool web app.  A nice timeline view and a public presence of this application would be key.

Nanny log

A relatively new idea I’ve been thinking about.  We have a 14 mo old daughter and a great Nanny.  She logs her miles and expenses, needs to post her vacation time and around tax time, needs us to provide her with a W2 showing her weekly paychecks and other payments (overtime, etc).  When our daughter was a baby, our Nanny would also log daily activities and feeding schedules.  Today, we use a binder and Basecamp to communicate with eachother, seems like their could be a web app to handle this better.

One Level of Knowledge

Around the water cooler I am talking about sports, pop culture and other topics relevant to our company.  I would love to subscribe to a daily email about these topics.  Did the Rockies just trade their star player?  Did the Broncos decide on a new QB for the upcoming season.  I love being armed with one level of knowledge to participate in these 2 minute water cooler conversations.

If you like any of these ideas I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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