What the dude at Salvagetti bike shop asked me that most Agile Product Owners don’t ask Customers

A few days ago I took a stroll down Platte Street in Denver and stopped into Salvagetti Bike Shop.    The conversation went like this:

Shop guy: “Hey man, what brings you in today?”

Me: “Beautiful day, out for a walk and felt like spending a few minutes surrounded by bikes”

Shop guy: “Cool.  If you have any questions about what you see, don’t see something you were hoping to see, or have suggestions to help us make our shop better please let me know”

I was strolling away from him the same way I do every time I’m in a retail store and don’t really feeling like dealing with anyone.  When he asked me my opinion I immediately turned around and began talking to him.

“You guys should rent high end road and mountain bikes, I would spend a few hundred dollars a summer with you.  Do you have baby bike strollers?  I just broke my helmet and need a new one, any recommendations?”

Bike shops are everywhere in Denver.  Heck, within a mile of our office there are about 5 places I could spend $$$ on bikes and accessories.  I am now going to spend my money at Salvagetti because I love their attitude towards me, the Customer.

After my trip to Salvagetti I began thinking about the Agile gospel I read over and over about soliciting input from your Customers, Stakeholders, etc.  It’s true, getting ideas from Customers is super important in the world of software and services today.  Along with Customers giving you great ideas for products and features, they are also feeling good because their opinion is being heard, the same way I felt after leaving Salvagetti.

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